Mining Security Services

Protect your mining operations

Mining is a complex and highly regulated industry that requires a vigilant approach to security to operate effectively.

Our team offers the best protection for your mine sites
We have an excellent reputation within the mining industry
We tackle security challenges to reduce downtime onsite

About Our Mining Security Services

Mining is a complex industry that requires extensive security measures to protect the mining site and the valuable resources being extracted. Our skilled security professionals are trained to identify potential threats and respond accordingly to mitigate risk. Avoid production delays and save valuable time onsite with proper security.

  • Experienced security guards
  • Preventing violent behaviour
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Controlling entry to licensed venues

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Our Process Makes Us Different


Client alignment

We take extra care to establish a strong relationship with our clients to ensure our services fit their unique business needs and our business values are aligned.



We hold the appropriate licenses, insurance and ISO certifications to ensure our compliance practices protect our clients and our team.



The workforce we assign to your project is based on the compatibility checks we have in place to ensure we’re the right fit.



We maintain a high level of communication with our clients to keep them updated throughout all project stages.



We strive to continuously do better to deliver high-quality services, which is why we ensure our staff are well-trained and supported.

Hiring Security For Your Mine Site

Our security experts specialise in delivering safe and secure services in various mining environments. They are highly trained to anticipate and quickly respond to any situations that may threaten the safety of your personnel or mining operations.

All of our security personnel are properly licensed and insured, with extensive experience and knowledge of the mining sector. By choosing our team, you’re investing in the security and safety of your people and mining site, ultimately leading to a more productive and efficient mining operation.

Two NHN employees in front of a crane
Mining Security Service Inclusions

Monitoring mine site entrances and exits

and sign-out services

Mine site safety inductions

Security risk assessments and management

Emergency response planning and preparedness

Incident reporting and investigation

Compliance with relevant health and safety regulations

Vehicle and equipment theft prevention strategies

Visitor management with robust security systems

Why choose us?

NHN Group is a reliable and trustworthy provider of mine site security.

20+ years of experience

Our clients have relied on us for over 20 years to provide excellent security services.

Clear communication

To give your customers the best possible experience, communicating effectively is essential.

Outstanding representation

We prioritise building strong relationships with our customers and recognise the vital role of trust.

Professional service

Our security experts are committed to delivering excellent services to protect against potential threats.

Specialist services

We take a proactive approach to addressing potential risks related to your business.

Representing our clients

As representatives of our clients, we must always act in their best interests and ensure that their needs are met.

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What our clients say

Our security officers have received excellent feedback from mining clients across New South Wales.

ISO accreditations and certifications

Areas we service

Secure your mine site in the Greater Hunter Region with our expert security services. Covering areas from Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens, our team based in Newcastle provides comprehensive protection for your sites throughout the region.

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