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Hiring transportation security officers

Transport security services are essential to ensuring safe travel for individuals and goods.

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About Our Transport Security Solutions

Our transport security solutions offer a comprehensive approach to mitigating risks and providing peace of mind to stakeholders. We offer a wide range of services covering every supply chain aspect.

  • Experienced security guards
  • Preventing violent behaviour
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Controlling entry to licensed venues

By understanding the ever-evolving threats and implementing tailored solutions, we help minimise the potential of disruptions and ensure expedited transport times. With our commitment to delivering high-quality services, our clients gain confidence in the security of their goods and people throughout their journey.

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Our Process Makes Us Different

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Client alignment

We take extra care to establish a strong relationship with our clients to ensure our services fit their unique business needs and our business values are aligned.



We hold the appropriate licenses, insurance and ISO certifications to ensure our compliance practices protect our clients and our team.



The workforce we assign to your project is based on the compatibility checks we have in place to ensure we’re the right fit.



We maintain a high level of communication with our clients to keep them updated throughout all project stages.



We strive to continuously do better to deliver high-quality services, which is why we ensure our staff are well-trained and supported.

Hiring Transport Security Personnel

Hiring transport security personnel is essential to ensuring the safety and security of passengers and cargo. These individuals guard against theft, vandalism, and other potential threats.

Transport security duties may include screening passengers and luggage, monitoring premises or transit activity, and responding to emergencies. By implementing robust security measures and employing reputable personnel, transport companies can provide a safe and secure environment for their staff and customers.

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Secure Transport Service Inclusions

Compliance with relevant laws and regulations governing the transport of valuable goods

Security personnel to escort valuable goods or individuals during transport

Security awareness training for employees involved in secure transport

Route planning and risk assessments for secure transport

GPS tracking and monitoring of the transport vehicle

Secure packaging and handling of valuable items

Guarding stations, spots and passenger vessels

Short-term guarding and 24/7 guarding options

Incident reporting and investigation

Why choose us?

Transportation is one of the most crucial aspects of our daily lives, especially when moving important goods and materials. Our transport security team understands the importance of safeguarding these valuable assets, so they offer unparalleled protection and reliability.

20+ years of experience

For the past two decades, we’ve been dedicated to helping businesses of all types and sizes safeguard their operations.

Clear communication

Effective communication is fundamental to customer service, from the first point of contact to the final goodbye.

Outstanding representation

Having a strong security team is essential for any organisation, and ours is dedicated to ensuring the heart of your business is safeguarded.

Professional service

To ensure the utmost efficiency and effectiveness in their role, our security team consistently strives for excellence.

Specialist services

Our services take a proactive approach to identifying and tackling any potential threats before they have a chance to cause damage.

Representing our clients

We understand that safeguarding your assets and ensuring the safety of your employees is a top priority.

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Our security officers have received recommendations from clients across New South Wales.

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Areas we service

As security experts, our team is here to help companies throughout the Greater Hunter Region, covering the entire stretch from Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens. Our Newcastle base allows us to provide reliable transport security services, keeping businesses and their assets safe and secure.

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